Our Pillars

roadmap, pillars, strategic plan roadmap, pillars, strategic plan

Dramatic disruptions are shaping each area of endeavor at the U: education, research, health care, innovation, and athletics. Weathering disruptions and leveraging opportunities requires bold decision-making. The Roadmap to Our New Century is driven by our capacity for resilience and renewal in the face of unprecedented changes. Built upon our foundation of operational efficiency, financial sustainability, and belonging, how we carry out our mission underscores all our areas of endeavor: our Academic Core, Health Care, Tech Innovation, and Athletics. While the four pillars are distinct, they are interconnected aspects of who we are. Success in one supports, enhances, and helps drive success in others. We embrace innovation, flexibility, and originality in the pursuit of our mission and vision and strive to accomplish our goals with rigor, passion, and distinction.

Academic Core Pillar

Academic Core

Shaping the future of education and translating research into impact.

Health Care Pillar

Health Care

Leading a new era in health care as a preeminent academic health care system.

Tech Innovation Pillar

Tech Innovation

Stimulating innovation through research and strategic partnerships.

Athletics Pillar


Driving excellence in the classroom and in competition.

Our Foundation Pillar

Our Foundation

Addressing the changing landscape of higher education, research, and health care demands leading-edge and sustainable operational and financial systems, and a strong culture of belonging.