Roadmap at a Glance

As it approaches its centennial in 2025, the University of Miami has created a roadmap for a future across geographic, cultural, and intellectual borders. The University will enhance its passion for scholarly excellence, spirit of innovation, respect for including and elevating diverse voices, and its commitment to tackling the challenges facing our world.


Four aspirations guide the vision for our future. The University of Miami aspires to be:

The hemispheric university: Our location in Miami gives us a distinct geographic capacity to connect institutions, individuals, and ideas across the Americas and throughout the world. Many universities seek international engagement, but the University of Miami is uniquely positioned to be a global university with a hemispheric advantage.

The excellent university: A drive for excellence permeates every domain of our work—from research to public service, from teaching to athletics, from health care to the arts. The continued pursuit of excellence will be marked by building bridges across our schools and colleges, across disciplines, and across modes of learning.

The relevant university: From its very origins, the University has served the local and global communities to which it belongs. As we pursue the advancement of fundamental knowledge and the search for meaning, we must make a deliberate effort to translate science and scholarship into solutions.

The exemplary university: Integrity, respect, diversity, tolerance, and resilience are qualities at the heart of the University. As we seek to expand opportunity for all, we will also work to foster inclusive, respectful, and safe environments throughout our campuses, where reflective and challenging conversations can be held.

Roadmap Initiatives

Concrete initiatives will bring the vision for the University of Miami to life, engaging every facet of the campus community in the continued pursuit of our aspirations and our quest to fulfill our most noble purposes.

PEOPLE: Invest in Talent

100 Talents: The University will expand the number of endowed faculty chairs to attract, retain, and recognize excellence in research, scholarship, policy, practice, and artistic creation.

Access to Excellence: The University is committed to assuring access to the highest quality education by expanding endowed scholarships to meet the demonstrated financial needs of its students.

Culture of Belonging: The University will deepen its commitment to diversity and inclusion by building a culture of belonging where all members of the UM community feel valued and can add value.

PRACTICE: Transform How We Work and Learn Together

Problem-Based Interdisciplinary Inquiry: The University will increase support for collaborative, problem- based inquiry among scholars from multiple disciplines to address the complex challenges of society.

STEM@UM: To enhance its potential as a world leader in research, the University will make strategic investments in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Education Innovation: The University will pursue innovation in teaching and learning by investing in academic technology, new pedagogical approaches, and educational outcomes research.

POWER: Align Knowledge for Impact in the World

Hemispheric University Consortium: The University will promote a consortium for the advancement of research and education throughout the Americas, facilitating the mobility of students and faculty.

Hemispheric Innovation Hub: The University will seek partnerships to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and new ventures in Miami and throughout the hemisphere.

Value-Based Integrated Health Care: The University’s academic health system will lead a new era in health care by expanding services, improving cost e ectiveness, revolutionizing the patient experience, and continuing the high quality academic training and research for which we are world renowned.

PERSISTENCE: Ensure Continued Excellence

University-Wide Capital Improvements: The University will continue to invest in capital improvements that make our campuses compelling places to live, work, and learn. We will significantly increase on-campus student housing.

Our Schools and Colleges: Each of our schools, colleges, and academic units have priorities to deepen their work, and each will surface priorities for key investments in their growth toward the next century.

Academically Grounded Athletics: The University will further strengthen the academic performance, sportsmanship, service, and personal development of students in our athletic program while competing at the highest levels.

Financial Sustainability and Operational Efficiency: A Groundwork Initiative in which the University of Miami will continue to improve the systems and processes that support its common purpose and the future of the institution.