People People
By continuing to attract, recognize, and retain the best teachers, learners, and researchers, UM will cement its reputation as one the nation’s most vibrant and diverse magnets for talent.
Practice Practice
The University of Miami will transform the ways in which faculty, students, and staff learn with one another and share data and thinking across disciplines.
Power Power
The knowledge we create — through scientific research, humanistic inquiry, and artistic expression — is the most powerful force for transformation.
Persistence Persistence
The initiatives in this report chart a new road toward the next century for the University of Miami, building on a tradition of achievement. There are also several areas of existing work that will require investments to sustain our commitment to excellence and continued improvement.

About the Roadmap

As it approaches its centennial in 2025, the University of Miami has created a roadmap for a future across geographic, cultural, and intellectual borders. The University will enhance its passion for scholarly excellence, spirit of innovation, respect for including and elevating diverse voices, and its commitment to tackling the challenges facing our world.


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