Our Priorities


The Roadmap to Our New Century is driven by our capacity for resilience and renewal in the face of unprecedented changes affecting our community and all of higher education. Built upon a commitment to the foundational principles of diversity, sustainability, and excellence in teaching, we have embraced a series of strategic priorities and transformative initiatives that are distinct to our University.

Addressing the changing landscape of higher education, research, and health care demands leading-edge operational and financial systems, superior planning, strategic decision-making, efficient use of resources, and more directed change. These measures will help build the platforms for success that will enable our transformative initiatives to deliver on our core mission.

Anchored by nationally and globally recognized clinical programs, our academic health system will lead a new era in health care through the optimal mix of high-quality services, outstanding patient experiences, cutting-edge research, and the education of professional leaders.

The array of disciplines throughout our 11 schools and colleges positions the University of Miami to serve as a model for scholarly and artistic endeavors, and for integrated and interdisciplinary research that translates into actionable solutions.

We will shape the future of education and pedagogy by providing an outstanding undergraduate experience and high-quality graduate programs, by covering the entire adult life cycle, and by using innovative approaches that drive student success through engaged learning.

Our distinct geographic location positions us as a connector between institutions, individuals, and ideas across the Americas and throughout the world.