Hemispheric Leadership

Hemispheric Leadership Hemispheric Leadership

Our distinct geographic location positions us as a connector between institutions, individuals, and ideas across the Americas and throughout the world.

Hemispheric Innovation Hub

Create a Hemispheric Innovation Hub that supports the efforts of our faculty as they translate scholarship into solutions, and that seeks strategic partnerships to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and new ventures in Miami and throughout the hemisphere

Hemispheric University Platform

Create the Hemispheric University Platform, which will leverage our location to foster student exchange and collaborative research through a consortium of select institutions—the Hemispheric University Consortium

Through this platform, support University-wide study of the hemisphere and provide opportunities for research, education, innovation, and health care across the hemisphere in ways that no single institution can do alone

Our Stories

Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez

Jorge Hernandez

Professor Jorge Hernandez and his University of Miami students spent time in Santiago de Cuba, helping restore colonial churches throughout the community. Years of neglect and exposure to the elements had caused extensive damage to the churches, but Hernandez and his students documented the buildings and advised the community on restoration strategies.