Hemispheric University Platform

The Hemispheric University Platform leverages its location to foster student exchange and collaborative research through a consortium of select institutions. The platform will also support University-wide hemispheric activities in health care, innovation, and the study of the hemisphere.

The Hemispheric Univeristy Consortium

The University of Miami will provide opportunities for research and education across the hemisphere in ways that no single institution can do alone. We will seek partnerships with institutions in the Americas to elevate scholarship across the region. By building the Hemispheric University Consortium with a select group of institutions from Canada to South America, the University of Miami can become a fulcrum of exchange among educational and research organizations. 

The University of Miami Global Research and Activity Database

The University of Miami Global Research and Activity Database was developed by Hemispheric and Global Affairs to serve as a one-stop resource for information on the University’s extensive international activities in education, research, and service provided by schools, colleges, institutes, centers, and offices. Explore initiatives around the world using the interactive map.