Shaping the Educational Revolution

The University will advance the art of teaching and the science of learning in partnership with students, alumni, and others throughout their lives, and invest in academic technology and new educational approaches based on outcomes research. The initiative also embraces the vast and promising universe of life-long or “life-cycle” learning, the practice of continuing to learn throughout one's entire life, especially outside of or after the completion of formal schooling.

Continuous Learning

For University of Miami students, a graduation date does not have to mark the end of the learning relationship with their alma mater. Instead, it can mean the beginning of the possibility of a lifelong learning bond that stretches years beyond completion of the undergraduate degree. In order to uphold the University’s commitment to being a learning partner for life, the Continuous Learning Working Group has developed a series of cost-free programs including MOOCs and other skill-based trainings via cross-University partnerships, that offer a long-term value proposition to the alumni network.

The Platform for excellence in Teaching and Learning (PETAL)

PETAL strives to facilitate a centering of institutional excellence in teaching and educational development and innovation through four foci;

  1. An academy for faculty to learn and practice pedagogical innovation,
  2. An organizing unit that incubates, develops, evaluates, empirically examines and disseminates innovative approaches to teaching and learning across UM's multiple campuses,
  3. A convener of thought leadership for teaching in higher education to advance the knowledge base for excellence and guides the implementation of teaching and learning initiatives at UM, and
  4. A site for recognition of excellence in teaching at UM.