Preeminent Academic Health System

Pre-eminent Healthcare

Anchored by nationally and globally recognized clinical programs, our academic health system will lead a new era in health care through the optimal mix of high-quality services, outstanding patient experiences, cutting-edge research, and the education of professional leaders.

Leading the Transformation of Health Care

Identify and grow high-quality, focused clinical programs that deliver novel therapies not available at other health systems

Establish UHealth as a destination medical community, not only for residents of South Florida but also for patients from across the state, the nation, and the hemisphere

Provide quality access and outstanding care and experiences for all of our patients

Achieve a high level of operational and financial performance


Our Stories

Byron Lam
Byron Lam

Byron Lam and Audina Berrocal

When Creed Petit was just a toddler, his parents noticed that he wasn’t hitting childhood milestones. He was seen by a number of doctors, but it was Dr. Byron Lam, a neuro-ophthalmologist and gene therapy expert at the niversity of Miami’s No. 1-ranked Bascom Palmer Institute, who diagnosed Petit with Leber Congential Amaurosis, a blinding disease caused by a genetic mutation.

Nipun Merchant
Nipun Merchant

Nipun Merchant

In 2014, Donna Lee Robinson was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She visited a number of specialists across the state and each told her that her tumor was inoperable.