Letter on the Roadmap Initiatives

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Roadmap Initiative No. 8: Culture of Belonging

August 10, 2016

This week we highlight the eighth and final initiative, Culture of Belonging, which explores strategies to deepen a campus environment where all members of the University community feel valued and can add value.  Read More >

Roadmap Initiative No. 7: Access with Excellence

August 3, 2016

This summer we are encouraging broad discussion of the eight draft Roadmap Initiatives to build our future at UM. Today we continue the series by focusing on Access with Excellence, an initiative to ensure that students of all backgrounds have equal access to the many academic opportunities that the University of Miami has to offer.  Read More >

Roadmap Initiative No. 6: Problem-based Interdisciplinary Collaboration

July 27, 2016

One of the most important roles of a university is to use scholarship to address the pressing concerns facing the wider world. The Problem-based Interdisciplinary Collaboration initiative, part of the draft Roadmap for UM's future, is a set of proposals to encourage even more collaborative work at UM to solve critical global problems.  Read More >

Roadmap Initiative No. 5: Hemispheric Innovation Hub

July 20, 2016

The University of Miami holds a unique geographic position in the hemisphere, situated to bridge the boundaries of cultures, nationalities, and disciplines. As part of President Frenk’s call to chart a new roadmap for the University’s future, a working group has drafted the Hemispheric Innovation Hub initiative, one of eight draft initiatives to capitalize on UM’s incredible strengths.  Read More >

Roadmap Initiative No. 4: University-wide Platform for Educational Innovation

July 13, 2016

To remain a vibrant institution, the University of Miami must continue to pursue innovation in teaching and learning. The University-wide Platform for Educational Innovation initiative, one of the draft Roadmap initiatives, proposes new ideas to enhance teaching and learning by creating more participatory learning experiences for students and faculty, implementing system changes, increasing access to academic technology, and encouraging new pedagogical approaches in the classroom.  Read More >

Roadmap Initiative: Basic and Applied Science and Engineering

July 6, 2016

We appreciate the many comments we have received on the draft Roadmap Initiatives to chart a bold vision for the University’s future. We want the entire UM community to engage in this critical conversation as we look ahead to our new century. This week we focus on a plan to advance UM as a world leader in the sciences and engineering: the Basic and Applied Science and Engineering Initiative.  Read More >

Roadmap Initiative: Hemispheric University Consortium

June 29, 2016

Thank you for the comments and questions you have shared on the draft Roadmap Initiatives, which chart bold opportunities for UM’s next century. This week we are highlighting the Hemispheric University Consortium, a strategy to enable UM to collaborate and build knowledge and capacity with other organizations across the hemisphere.  Read More >

Roadmap Initiative: 100 Talents

June 22, 2016

Two weeks ago President Frenk invited the University community to review and comment on eight draft Roadmap Initiatives to build our future. We need many voices to bring the University of Miami into its second century. Starting today, each week we will focus on one initiative, summarizing the proposal and reminding everyone to read the consultative paper and offer their comments on the Roadmap Initiative website, through the hashtag #UMRoadmap, or via email.  Read More >

Roadmap to Our New Century

June 6, 2016

In my inaugural address I outlined areas in which the University of Miami could foster transformation, connection, and reinvention as an institution. These opportunities were defined in part by listening to members of our community during the many inspiring conversations we had last fall.  Read More >