Educational Innovation

Technology provides new ways to gather, process, and share information, which is driving dramatic  changes in classrooms and workplaces. The University will foster creativity and innovation in teaching and learning by investing in academic technology, pedagogical approaches, and educational outcomes research.

“Simulation provides unique opportunities for interdisciplinary inquiry that can transform health care and save lives.”
Susana Barroso-Fernandez


  • Establish the Platform for Excellent Teaching and Learning (PETAL) to coordinate existing initiatives and stimulate experimentation with technology, foster innovative course design and delivery, and support faculty learning communities
  • Create innovative, team-taught courses and research initiatives that draw faculty and students from different colleges
  • Appoint a Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
  • Re-examine criteria for faculty evaluation to consider innovative modes of teaching and professional excellence
  • Create a centralized budget to routinely refresh technology in learning spaces
  • Minimize barriers to study abroad and civic engagement
The accountable lead for the Education Innovation initiative is William Scott Green, senior vice provost and dean of undergraduate education.