Problem-based Interdisciplinary Inquiry

One of the highest purposes for universities is to serve as centers of inquiry where scholars from multiple disciplines can work together to address the world’s most complex problems. The University will build on its breadth of work across the humanities, arts, and sciences to foster solution-driven interdisciplinary collaboration.

“Interaction among scholars across disciplines motivates and drives research in new ways, pushing us to focus on how information is used to support decisions.”
Ben Kirtman


  • Launch a University-wide platform to incubate ideas, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and fund novel approaches to difficult problems
  • Design and implement seed funding to support interdisciplinary teams pursuing problem-based projects
  • Foster the growth of interdisciplinary work in curriculum and course design
  • Advance work in key areas that capitalize on the University’s strengths and address compelling societal needs
The accountable lead for the Problem-Based Interdisciplinary Inquiry initiative is John Bixby, vice provost for research.