Hemispheric University Consortium

The world’s most pressing concerns increasingly call for coordination among the scholars, citizens, and governments of many nations. The University of Miami will leverage its unique geographic position to advance research and education across the hemisphere in ways that no single institution can do alone. By building alliances with institutions from Canada to the southern tip of South America, the University of Miami can become the fulcrum of a hemispheric knowledge exchange.

“UM was founded with a vision to be a Pan-American University. We must move forward with transformational research and education across hemispheres.”
Lillian Manzor


  • Identify and evaluate existing initiatives across the University with the potential for impact
  • Strengthen a culture of innovation and develop the capacity to recognize scholarship that can contribute to solutions
  • Continue to attract talented thinkers and inventors from across the hemisphere
  • Deepen opportunities for students, faculty and staff to learn about and participate together in innovative work
  • Develop the tools and resources to advance great ideas and minimize barriers to nimble acceleration of promising projects
  • Develop external partnerships in South Florida and beyond to reinforce Miami’s reputation as a center for innovation and creativity and to advance economic development
The accountable lead for the Hemispheric University Consortium initiative is the Lourdes Dieck, vice president for hemispheric and global affairs