Culture of Belonging

One of the most diverse campuses in the nation, the University of Miami is committed to moving beyond diversity data and working toward a new Culture of Belonging, where all members of the UM community have a sense of connection to their university, feel valued, and have opportunities to make valuable contributions.

“At UM, I was able to learn about other religions, cultures, and identities. I want everyone to view UM as a home where they feel safe, valued, and respected.”
Brianna Hathaway


  • Appoint a new Vice Provost for Institutional Culture who will begin by identifying and analyzing existing diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Develop shared definitions across constituencies and ways to regularly measure progress toward a shared institutional vision
  • Take leadership, create programs, and invest in the organizational development necessary to create a vibrant and evolving Culture of Belonging at UM
  • Build a robust and creative communication strategy to support the development of shared understanding and culture change at UM
  • While working on longer- term structural and cultural change, respond to the current  and  emerging needs of groups and individuals who currently do not feel a sense of belonging
The accountable lead for the Culture of Belonging initiative is Isaac Prilleltensky, vice provost for institutional culture.